The Compensation Tool includes all the required fields to complete a pay equity analysis, however sometime you may wish to add additional information for sorting, analysis or future users, you can do this by adding a "Custom Column". The Custom Column will appear in the Job Data Table at the right end of the table (you may need to scroll the table to see the newly created column).

The Custom Columns are tied to a Job Class and not customizable by year (for example - same data will appear in the table regardless of the year and updates within one year will  change all years) . 

Above the Job Data table is a green button "ADD CUSTOM COLUMN", by clicking this you will open a pop-up window which asks for the "Name of the Column" of the column (for example, Department, Location, etc...) and "Input Type".

The Input Type allows for either "Open Field" or "Drop-Down" 

Open Field - allows you to enter any text or numbers desired into the field once created in the table.

Drop Down -allows you to add predefined options to be selected in the Job Data table once created.  Once selecting "Drop Down" an additional Field will appear titled "Options" with one line below, enter the first option then click the green "+ Add Option" button to add additional option.  For example if your organization has three locations and you want to later sort your data based on location you can add a Drop Down with 3 options (Location A, Location B, Location C).

Once you have selected the correct options and created a name for the column click the Add button and the coumn will appear in the table once refreshed.