Adding a new Job Class within the Job Data table can be done in several ways:

1. Adding an employee with the desired Job Class will automatically add the Job Class to the Job Data Table for all years.

2. Adding a new Job Class with the Job Evaluation section will automatically add the the Job Class to the Job Data table for all years.

3. You can upload several Jobs at once using the Job Data upload tool (please see the upload support section for more assistance).

4.  You can also add the new Job Class directly to the Job Data table manually by clicking the green "+ quick add" button above the Job Data Table. Once added, the new job will appear at the top of the list of Jobs in the table, the job will automatically be given the next numeric job number available (which you can change) and you have the ability to enter the Job Title. You cannot change the year at this point as Jobs are automatically added to every year in the Job Data table (they are only included in the Pay Equity Analysis when they have FTE associated to them).  If you wish to add or update any data associated to the Job for any specific year you can either refresh the page (via your browser refresh) and update for the year you are in (including all years) or navigate to the specific year of Job Data you wish to update (via the drop down list above the the Job Data table) and update any of the white cells associated to the row in which the new Job appears.