NOTE: Your security settings, software or corporate policy may ensure you perform additional steps to download files from your browser, if you are not able to export required files please contact your organization network administrator or IT support. 

To simplify and minimize your effort in creating your required exports in the Compensation Tool you can create any required exports from the Project Management section in the "Create Project Export" area (as shown below).

To create the mass export, select the "Create Mass Export" button as highlighted above in the red red square. Once selected you will have a large pop-up window appear with selected downloads from across sections in the Compensation Tool (as shown below). 

Select the files and the format you wish to download and click next,  you will be taken to a second window with the ability to name the export and provide notes with regards to the download.  Once you have named and described your download, click create, the Compensation Tool will create your download Package in a .zip file (which compresses and combines all the downloads into to one file which can be expanded (decompressed) on your local computer with all the individual files selected). The Compensation Tool will send you an email when the download package has been created.  Once created the download will be available from the same area with a download link (as highlighted below). Click the link and your download will start in accordance with your browser settings (more info on downloading files from a Chrome Browser here).

More information on compressed files for Windows here

More information on compressed files for Mac here 

Before selecting the Pay Equity Plan and Pay Equity Analysis you will need to choose the banding scenario to apply as different banding scenarios will create different results.  Under the "Select Banding Scenario" click the triangle drop down and select the appropriate banding scenario by name.  If you have multiple banding scenarios and are unsure which one to download, please visit the Banding and Pay Equity section to identify the appropriate scenario.

Note, the Job Evaluation Document Upload has only one option as it will simply download any file uploads you have made to the Job Details section for a job class.  Additionally the Pay Equity Plan is only created in a PDF format.