Adding New Users:

The Compensation Tool Supports 3 types of users, depending on your subscription you may be able to add additional users to your account. The users are specific to each project.  Hence, if your organizations has multiple projects, new users need to be added to each project individually.

Owner: Only 1 user per project can have Owner access. The Owner has access and ability to edit to all features of the Compensation Tool. Features of the Owner Account:

  • Add and remove users
  • Create / Edit the Point Table and Factor Rationale
  • Delete Years
  • Archive a project
  • All Features of Manager Account

Manager Account: Multiple manager accounts are allowed for each project.  The manager account has access to all information within the Compensation Tool but has some limitations on what they are allowed to edit/create.   Features of Manager Account:

  • View only the Point Table and factor rationale
  • Create New Years
  • Upload, Add, edit Employee Data, Job Data and Job Evaluation sections
  • View and edit Job Details
  • Create, Edit, View Banding Scenarios
  • View Factor Ladders
  • View and Run Pay Equity analysis
  • Use all features of Filtering
  • Export to PDF, Excel or CSV where applicable
  • All Features of Evaluator Account

Evaluator Account:   Multiple Evaluator accounts are allowed for each project.  Evaluator only have access to Job Evaluation section and meant for individuals that should not have access to sensitive employee / organization data or groups doing evaluations together. Features of the Evaluator Account:

  • Create and edit existing Job Classes
  • View, edit all sub-factor scores
  • Use Job Evaluation Wizard
  • Limited Viewing of Job Details (factor evaluations)
  • Evaluator Accounts do not have access to the Point Table, Evaluation Points Totals or any Employee or Job Data.