The answer is not straight forward and has a number of factors to consider, please contact an HCI consultant or legal representation if you would like to discuss the best approach for your organization.

Organization with Employees outside of Ontario: Only Ontario based employees / jobs are included in the Pay Equity analysis, please ensure all non-Ontario employees / jobs are removed from any data before adding your data to the compensation Tool.

Organizations with Multiple Locations in Ontario: Depending on the geographic region your organization is located it may be more accurate to create separate Pay Equity plans for each region. 

Organizations with a Union(s): Each Employer with a Union is required to to negotiate a Pay Equity plan with the Union, which can be separate from the other Unions or Non-Union groups within the organization. Male comparator jobs may be found outside of the Union after all male jobs in the union have been identified and do not provide a male comparator within each band if the Union and Employer have negotiated to create a Pay Equity Plan specific for the Union.

Organization with all Non-Union Jobs or remaining Non-Union Jobs after Union jobs removed:

To complete a Pay Equity Analysis and develop a Pay Equity Plan all Female Jobs need to be identified and thus a full gender analysis is highly recommended.  Once complete, each Female Job is required to be compared to a Male Job of equivalent value.  By evaluating all Male Jobs it provides an organization more choices and options when developing a banding scenario and pay equity plan.  If a female band does not contain a Male Job, you are required to show all Male Jobs have been evaluated prior to performing Proportional Value analysis or applying lower evaluated, higher paid male Job Class in developing your Pay Equity Plan.  Neutral jobs have no bearing on a Pay Equity and thus are not required in the analysis although their can be additional compensation and equity related benefits in analyzing all jobs in your organization.  It is a safe assumption that an organization is required to show that the gender analysis of all Jobs in the organization has been performed, hence excluding Jobs is not beneficial.