If your organizations uses Ghosted Male Comparator Jobs and hence does not have employee data for these jobs, they will not appear in the Pay Equity Analysis for each year in question and hence you will need to manually add this information to the CompenSage platform.  

If you have not already done so, the data for the Ghosted Job Class needs to be added to each applicable year within the Job Data section (the Job is added automatically for every year, without data, once the job is created anywhere in the software). Once added to the Job Data section, with the appropriate associated Job Rate information, you will need to ensure the Pay Equity Analysis recognizes the Ghosted Job.  To do this you will need to add a 1 to the FTE Override column in the Job data section for each applicable year.  Without the 1 added, the job will not appear in the Pay Equity Analysis. Once the Job is added, the Gender for the Job has to be set in the Gender Summary table.  In the Gender Summary table, use the Gender Override column to set the Gender as Male for the Ghosted Job Class added. You may need to provide additional support information not in CompenSage to support the Gender Decision if inquiries are made by the Pay Equity Commission. Once the Job is then evaluated, it will appear as a male comparator for all the years added in the Job Data table where applicable.