The Pay Equity Legislation does not have specific requirements with regards to how reporting is done, or the time frames in which the analysis is completed.  It is generally accepted through practice that organizations look at their Pay Equity practices on an annual basis. As per the legislation, there are no details regarding reporting or analysis for maintaining pay equity, only the expectation that once Pay Equity is achieved an organization will always maintain Pay Equity.  On a practical basis this usually means performing Pay Equity Maintenance on an annual basis, however with the right resources an effort, once a Pay Equity Plan has been establish it is possible to maintain your Pay Equity Plan on a real-time basis as jobs are created/removed and compensation for Job Classes and employees change. We recommend your Pay Equity Plan be re-visited at least once a year and new employees / jobs are added as created.   Although the HCI Compensation tool sorts/organizes data based on Calendar year, we recommend your organization creates a plan based on either your fiscal calendar or, if they do not coincide, the date organizational compensation review is implemented.