When dealing with overtime hours, the Compensation Tool and Pay Equity you need to understand how your data is provided and how it will be used.

Overtime premiums (compensation) are generally not included Pay Equity (please contact an HCI Consultant or your legal representation to discuss if you are unsure), but should the hours be included?

Generally the answer is going to be yes but with a few caveats.

The goal is to obtain an hourly rate that is comparable to other Job Classes or to other employees within the Job Class hence the following caveats should be followed:

1.  If you are entering "Actual Earned Base" and the amount includes overtime premium (not just the base rate), you need to back out the premium from the "Actual Earned Base" before entering.

2. Once your premiums are removed (if applicable) you can get an accurate enter "Actual Earned Base" and "Actual Hours" to determine an hourly rate.

3. The "Actual Hours" should include overtime hours in order to determine any Pay Equity adjustment total amounts as any employees entitled to adjustment should receive the hourly adjustment for every hour they worked (including overtime).