There are several ways to add a new year of employee data.  

  1.  If the employee already exists in a different year and you update the employee data line with a new year (that does not already exist) the tool will automatically create the new year (change an existing line of employee data with the new year)
  2. Use the green “add year” button under the instructions sections. Clicking on this button allows you to create a new year and add any notes associated to the year.   Once the year has been created you will be able to add new employees to the year using the “Add New Employee” button.
  3. When uploading employee data from a spreadsheet, the tool will automatically create a new year for employee data that has not previously created based on the information in the spreadsheet / upload tool.
  4. Similar to #2 above, “Add Year” buttons with the same functionality exist in the Project management section and Job Data Section.