If you are creating your own custom point table or adding a sub-factor to an existing point you can follow these steps:

Click the green + Add Job Factor button. A Modal (pop-up window) will appear and you can enter information accordingly (you can edit or remove any information from the Point Table after it has been created):

  1. Factor: Drop Down Menu - Choose the main category for the sub-factor being added, must be Skill, Effort, Responsibility or Working Conditions.
  2. Sub-Factor – Text Field - Full name of the Sub-Factor
  3. Short Code – Text Field - A short form of the name used in table to conserve screen space when displaying in tables
  4. Weight – Number Value - The relative value of the factor in relation to the other factors.   In a 1000 point table all weights added together will equal 100 and are equivalent to a percentage.
  5. Levels – Whole Number Value - The number of unique levels with the sub-factor (each level will have it own rationale)
  6. Calculation type – Drop Down Menu - Choose custom or a mathematical formula to determine actual point values for each level of the sub-factor
    1. Zero-Based - Distributes points evenly across all levels and half levels
    2. Weight Based – Distributes points evenly across all levels after setting level 1 to 10% of total points – thus the minimum evaluation score would be 100 in a 1000 point table if each sub-factors was evaluated at a level 1 .
    3. Custom – Allows you enter any value for any level – once selected a table appears with the number of levels (including half levels) for you to fill in with the customer values.
  7. Click Add Factor Rationale or Add Without Factor Rationale to create the Sub Factor (you can add or edit the Sub-Factor Rationale at any point and do not need to create immediately).