A "Custom Bands" Banding Scenario creates bands by the user explicitly defining the start point and end point for each band. This can be used to create banding scenarios that cannot be created using any of the defined options provided in the HCI Compensation, for example if you are using a stepped model.  Custom bands may be difficult to justify as legitimate Pay Equity banding solution if they do not follow a logical pattern.

For Example: If your banding scenario starts at 150 points and a 20 point band and each subsequent band is 10 points larger than the first you would use the "Custom Bands" and the following would be your banding table (if your highest evaluated job was 625 points):


Band #StartEndwidth

How To Create:

After clicking the  + Add Banding Scenario  button start by naming your banding scenario in the Name field.  The Name is a simple field that is used so you can recognize the banding scenario in the future after it has been created.  Next select "Custom Bands" from the drop down menu under the "Banding Type" header.

The pop-up window will now customize to the Custom Bands type.

Three new field headers will now appear.  Under the "Name:" field enter the name of the band, generally this would be "1" for the first band. In the "Starting Point:" enter the value the band will begin at and in the "End Point:" enter the value the band will end at. After entering your first band click the  + ADD BAND  button and provide the same details for the second band as above with the new values. Continuing this process until you have created all the bands you require.

Once completed select click the  ADD  button.

Your scenario will now appear in the Banding Table and you view it by clicking the  DETAIL  button in the row beside the newly created scenario.

Note 1: Bands may not overlap, for example you cannot create a band that goes from 150 to 200 and a band from 200 to 260 as a job evaluated at 200 points would technically be in both bands.

Note 2: If you create Custom Bands that do not include all your Job Classes the missing job classes will not appear in your Pay Equity analysis or Banding Scenario Details.