A "Fixed Points" Banding Scenario creates bands by starting a defined Point Total (generally at or slightly below your lowest or lowest expected evaluated point total) and creating a new band every x points until all evaluated Job Classes are within a band. This is generally the most common and straight forward Banding Type when working 1000 point evaluation systems.

For example: 

Lowest Evaluated Job Class Point Total (or selected starting value): 150 points

Point Width: 50 points

Hence if your highest evaluated point total is 625 points you will have 11 bands created with your first band going from 150 to 199 points and the 11th band going from 600 to 649 points.

How To Create:

After clicking the  + Add Banding Scenario  button start by naming your banding scenario in the Name field.  The Name is a simple field that is used so you can recognize the banding scenario in the future after it has been created.  Next select "Fixed Points" from the drop down menu under the "Banding Type" header.

The pop-up window will now customize to the Fixed Points band type.

In the "Starting Point Value" field enter in the starting value as described above.

In the "Point Width" field enter the size of the each band (in terms total points) as described above.

Once completed select click the  ADD  button.

Your scenario will now appear in the Banding Table and you view it by clicking the  DETAIL  button in the row beside the newly created scenario.