Adding Job Classes to the Job Evaluation section can be done in number of ways depending on your requirements.

1.  Using the  +QUICK ADD  button in the Job Evaluation section will add a new Job to top of your evaluation Table.  All field (with Blue font) can then be edited with required data.  (Job Number, Job Title and sub-factor point totals - if known).

2. Using the  JOB WIZARD  button will automatically create a new job and open a pop-up window.  More information can be found by search on the using the Job Wizard.

3. Jobs can be uploaded in batch using the  UPLOAD JOB EVALUATIONS  button, more information on uploads can be found by watching the Upload support video or by a search for Uploading Job Evaluations.

4. Adding new Jobs in any of the Employee Data, Job Data or Gender Summary section will automatically create Job Classes in the Job Evaluations sections.  Each Job that have been created in other section will appear in the Job Evaluation table and will show a dash for sub-factor scores.