Factor Ladders are a traditional tool used in Job Evaluation to help with sore-thumbing or identifying and aligning Job Classes that should have similar or Hierarchical relationships. 

The Factor Ladders in the Compensation Tool is a view/export only section that allows you too look at each individual sub-factor and shows which Job Classes have been scored at what levels in comparison to each other (this can also be done by sorting the Job Evaluation table, but will also show the remainder of the data).

The Factor ladders are specifically effective for exporting, especially if sore thumbing is being completed by a group. 

For example, you may be a design company and you have 4 different Technologist Job Classes working in your organization and you want to ensure that the specific sub-factors are aligned (ie, Education, Decision Making, Problem solving etc...).  Or you may have a Technologist, Manager, Director and Vice President and want to ensure their responsibility factors show an appropriate hierarchy in growth between levels.