The Gender Summary section collects data (if available) from the Employee Data and combines with Stereotype data collected directly in the Gender Summary section to determine a Gender Dominance for each Job Class in your project. In order to perform a Pay Equity analysis, the Gender Dominance of each Job Class (that you desired to be part of the analysis) must be calculated by the Compensation Tool or explicitly chosen in the Gender Override column of the Gender Summary section.  

Pay Equity legislation requires that Incumbent, Historical and Stereotypical data must be analyzed in order to determine the Job Class Gender Dominance. Although, some of the legislation is vague in the exact requirements, it is explicit that that three factors must be analyzed when determining a Gender Dominance.  The HCI Compensation Tool uses a method of comparing the 3 categories and if one is dominant than that Gender is chosen (2 or more of the 3 categories match - ie. Incumbent = Female, Historical = Neutral, Stereotype = Female  than the Job is determined to be Female). When looking at each category independently, as per the Act, if greater than or equal to 60% of incumbents are Female the category is determined as female, if greater than or equal to 70% of the incumbents are Male than the category is determined Male, anything in-between is determined Neutral.  

It is important to note that although the HCI Compensation Tool applies the rules as above to determine gender, Gender Dominance may be changed or impacted in Jobs with strong Stereotype data or single incumbency jobs (same and only employee has always held a job in your project) as per Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal rulings.  Please contact your legal representation or a Consultant to discuss Gender Dominance as it pertains to your organization.