The HCI Compensation Tool has 2 tiers available for users:

Evaluation Product: 

The Evaluation product is available to most HCI Consutling Inc. customers to support ongoing maintenance of their compensation and Pay Equity projects.  If you have an account in the HCI Compensation Tool and you have any questions or or concerns please contact a consultant directly with you questions.

Support for Evaluation Product: HCI will continue, as in the past, support any questions or problems with your account by directly contacting them, the Support Portal (where you are reading this) is focused on the Pay Equity product and although you will find some answers to your questions the majority of the Support Portal is for the Pay Equity product and the advanced features included in it.

The Point Table, Rationale, Job Evaluations, Factor Ladders and Banding sections and some of the Job Details section of the Support Portal contain documentation relevant to the Evaluation Product.

Pay Equity Product:

The Pay Equity product is an advanced Pay Equity support tool, designed to aid HR, Operations and Finance professionals in the development and maintenance of a Pay Equity Plan and as such requires a significantly more focused Support Portal.  In the support tool you will find answers to majority of your questions or be able to log a ticket with our support staff.  

In addition to all the features in the Evaluation Product, the Pay Equity product also includes support for Employee Data, Job Data, Gender Summary, Job Details, Pay Equity and Project Management sections 

Please contact HCI Consulting Inc. if you have questions regrading your account or the product your account is on.