CompenSage support documentation, which includes the Knowledge Base, FAQs and Tool Tips, is created to support your use of the CompenSage software offering and is not intended to answer specific questions with regards to Pay Equity Legislation and the development of your Pay Equity Plan.  The CompenSage platform was created to aid and assist in the development of a Pay Equity Plan and ongoing maintenance.  The CompenSage platform in no way presents or replaces a legal opinion.   By using the CompenSage software as an aid in the development and maintenance of a Pay Equity Plan, you understand that it is only software, like other workplace software, created to support and ease your work efforts, and does not and cannot make any guarantees towards the legitimacy of your Pay Equity Plan.  The CompenSage software does attempt to ensure that the requirements of the Pay Equity Legislation, with regards to the development of a Pay Equity Plan, are easier to perform and maintain.  The User is entirely responsible for the content inputted into the CompenSage platform and therefore the content that is created.

The Pay Equity Commission (including Pay Equity Review Officers) and the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal have the sole ability to approve a Pay Equity Plan.  Before presenting or sharing a Pay Equity Plan developed using the CompenSage platform with the Pay Equity Commission, we highly recommend obtaining the opinion of a pay equity consultant and or your legal representative. Please contact us for further details.