The employee data section helps you calculate the number of Job Classes, Job Rate the Gender Dominance.   The data in the Employee Data section is used in the Job Data, Gender Summary and Job Evaluation section.  The employee data section is not required to perform a pay equity analysis, however without the Employee data you will need to determine your Job Class Genders without the aid of the Compensation Tool in addition to applying Job Rate determination rules.  If your organization is under review, from the Pay Equity Commission, they may request your employee payroll data. If your organization has formal pay bands (salary grid) and formal variable pay targets the employee data will only override Job Data if an employee has a base pay rate above the max salary grid or if no variable pay information is entered, more information about calculating the Job Rate is available in the Job Data section.   No personal employee information is required (information associated a gender and pay rate to a name) however a unique identifier is required to manage the data.  The Name field is provided for your convenience in managing the data.

The Compensation Tool performs Pay Equity analysis on an annual basis, which is the generally accepted approach to perform an analysis, hence all the data in the compensation tool is separated into years.   Each year is one full calendar year, however you are not required to present data from January to December, years should match your fiscal period and most likely include variable pay associated with the year earned, thus employee data is generally entered after a full fiscal period is complete.