The Ontario Pay Equity Act requires that a written explanation for each level within a Job Evaluation tool.   In other words, you are not allowed to simply slot jobs into the level that you feel they should be, as with some other HR banding practices. Jobs Classes require written documentation supporting the duties, skills and expectations of the Job Class such as Job Postings, Job Descriptions, Job Fact Sheet, Job Analysis Questionnaire, Job Analysis Interview and the documentation should be approved/completed by incumbents in the Job Class.  These documents must support the level chosen for each sub factor.

In order to properly assess a Job Class, for each sub factor exists a set of written rationale used by the evaluators to properly place Jobs within a level of that sub factor.  Sub factors have a distinct separation between levels which are explicitly described by the rationale.  For most sub factors more than one rationale is applicable to describe a level.  In the Compensation Tool, you are able to separate your individual points of rationale into separate lines, this allows for easier half point allowances in the evaluation section.  You are also able to turn on or off Half Points in the Factor Rationale Section.   In addition to sub factor level rationale, the Compensation Tool also allows you to add general instructions for the scoring of the sub factor.  In the instructions you have the opportunity to provide:

  • Clarity on what the sub factor is evaluating
  • Instructions on how to apply half point rationale or if they are applicable
  • Examples of what the sub factor is evaluating
  • Clear any confusion of what is being evaluated

The instructions will be available to the evaluators in the Job Evaluation Wizard when completing the evaluation.