The HCI Compensation Tool (The Tool) attempts to aid and guide you in the process of creating a Pay Equity Plan in Ontario. Please note the Compensation Tool attempts to provide a template and structure to assist in the development of a Pay Equity Plan, The Tool makes no warranties or guarantees to the acceptance of the developed Pay Equity Plan or compliance of the Pay Equity plan with regards to Ontario Pay Equity legislation.  It is always recommended that a Professional/Legal opinion to the validity of the developed Pay Equity Plan is obtained before finalizing or sharing with the Ontario Pay Equity Commission.

HCI Consulting Inc. has been providing compensation consulting services with a specialization in Pay Equity Compliance to Ontario clients for over a decade and with Consultant experience for much longer.  Although we cannot guarantee the acceptance of a Pay Equity Plan developed in The Tool, as only the Pay Equity Commission or Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal can do this, we have used our significant experience and expertise with regards to Pay Equity to create a tool that automates as much as possible and guides our clients through the process of creating a Pay Equity Plan.

The Tool will analyse uploaded or inputted Employee Data (Payroll Data), Job Data (Grid Structure) and Gender Data to help determine the Job Rate and Gender for each Job Class.  Our Evaluation Section (and especially our Evaluation Wizard) will aid in the ease of evaluating all your Job Classes.  Once Job Classes are identified, Job Data is analyzed and Job Evaluations are performed (by you or a consultant, contact us for more information), our proprietary Banding and Pay Equity engine will determine an optimized Pay Equity Analysis or you can create your own.

The Tool is created to aid an assist organizations in developing a Pay Equity Plan, however HCI Consulting Inc. is always available for questions and assistance in developing your plan.  Developing and maintaining a Pay Equity Plan can be complicated time consuming.  With the HCI Compensation Tool we aim to ease this process through automation and guidance and consultation, as required.